Sound Opinions: Which book of the It Ends With US sequel will be better?


Provided by: L. Jones

Featuring the original book, It Ends With Us, and the new and upcoming sequel, It Starts With Us. Fans are raving about the sequel and are beginning to think which book in the sequel will be more interesting and pleasing.

Lauren Jones, Section Editor

  Colleen Hoover’s fame in the book industry has risen increasingly in the past few years. Several of her books have been shown on multiple social media platforms like Booktok, Bookstagram, and Booktube, as readers are introduced to the most popular books. One of Hoover’s most well-known books on the platform is It Ends With US, which fans have been crazy about since its publication in 2016. However, Hoover announced on February 11 that a sequel to the book will come out in October of 2022 and will be titled It Starts With Us. Several of Hoover’s most loyal fans are now considering whether  It Ends With Us or It Starts With Us will be the better and most interesting book in the sequel.

  It Ends With Us focuses on the life of Lily Bloom, as she meets Ryle Kincaid, a man in her new city, Boston. When Lily and Ryle begin to hang out, Ryle makes an exception to his “no dating” rule, and things get serious. However, when Lily’s first love, Atlas Corrigan, reappears, problems arise, and Ryle begins to feel threatened. The book follows Lily’s life as she debates her relationship with Ryle and considers how things would be if she was with Atlas. 

  SPOILER ALERT!! At the end of It Ends With Us, Lily makes her way back to Atlas and maintains good relations with Ryle as they share custody of their newborn child. Therefore, It Starts With Us will center around Lily and Atlas’ relationship once they are back together, following the first book. While the first book is through Lily’s perspective, Colleen Hoover shared that the sequel will show Atlas’s side of the story.  

  When people share their thoughts on the first book, they explain how they love Atlas’ character and think of him as the perfect boyfriend. The majority of It Ends With Us fans have taken Atlas’ side on who they wanted Lily to choose, so when Lily did wind-up with Atlas, fans were thrilled. So where does that leave fans’ reviews for the upcoming sequel? In my opinion, fans will love the second book more than the first, mainly since the first focused on fans wanting Lily and Atlas to be together, and ending in the fans’ favor. Therefore, fans will love the second book more since the couple they were pulling for is now getting their chance, and people want to see what the future holds for them. 

  Although It Starts With Us will come out in October of this year, fans continue to rave about the sequel announcement and are awaiting its publication. The book might not be coming out for a while, but the wait will only make the anticipation for the book increase in the coming months. If you have not read It Ends With Us yet, then make sure to read the book before the sequel drops, in order to experience the thrill of getting the book when it comes out.