Unravel the Pages: Books to Help Get Out of a Reading Slump


Provided by: L. Jones

Featuring two of the most popular novels in the book community, Malibu Rising and People We Meet On Vacation. These two captivating novels can help readers get out of their terrible reading slumps, and back into their groove.

Lauren Jones, Section Editor

  There comes a time when every reader finishes a book that is not of their liking, and it will put them into a reading slump. This is the worst thing that can happen to any reader, as it leaves feelings of sadness and overwhelming thoughts to find a really good book to read next. Finding that perfect, short, and interesting book can take a long time if no one knows where to start. Luckily, the Cat Talk staff is prepared with two popular books to help get anyone out of their terrible reading slump: Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid and People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry!

  Any reader who loves a good fiction book will most likely find Malibu Rising a good fit for them. Set in 1980s Malibu, centered around the Riva siblings and their annual summer party, this captivating story will have readers hooked. As the story shifts from the 1980s Riva siblings– Nina, Jay, Hud, and Kit– to their parents in the 1950s, secrets are shared and exposed. The lives of each Riva sibling is introduced to readers, as well as the history of their parent’s relationship. Each sibling has different wants and needs for the summer party, but all will have to deal with the terrible end of the night. By midnight, the Riva mansion has gone up in flames, and each sibling will have to choose between telling their family the truth or keeping their secrets to themselves. This enthralling story will hook readers from the very first line and have them grasping for clues. 

  Calling all Emily Henry fans! People We Meet On Vacation is a classic friends-to-lovers novel and has fans going crazy. The story focuses on the strictly friendship relationship between Alex and Poppy, who have absolutely nothing in common. For a decade, the two have gone on a weeklong summer vacation together until two years ago. They ruined their entire relationship and have not talked to each other since then. However, when Poppy starts thinking about when she was truly happy, she tries to get her best friend to take one more vacation together and make everything right. When he agrees, she only has a week to fix everything, but can the one thing that was always in the middle of their relationship be confronted or not? 

  While it can be hard to get out of a reading slump, there are some easy ways to get past it and move on. Try out these two books that have proved to get people out of their slumps on famous book platforms like Bookstagram, Booktok, and Booktube. The best way to get out of a reading slump is to keep reading and hope that the books will be better than the last. Good Luck!