Style File: Blazers or Converse


Photo by: Berkeley Sumner

Sporting her Converse Chuck Taylors, junior Sheridan Ely walks to grab her water bottle before her lacrosse game. When choosing between Converse and Blazers, it is all about personal styles and what they are used for.

Berkeley Sumner, Section Editor

Recently, high tops have been making a comeback, from the classic Jordan 1’s to Nike Blazers and Converse Chuck Taylors. All over the Millbrook halls, students are sporting their high tops with a nice outfit. They can be dressed up or down, and worn on practically any occasion, making them some of the most popular shoes right now. 

   When it comes to Nike Blazers, they come in low top, mid, or high top. All three types are decently popular today, but the high tops are what brought Nike Blazers back to fame. When speaking with senior Jake Veldman, who owns hightop Nike Blazers, he explained that Nike Blazers are “perfect for the gym because they are flat-footed for leg day,” and that “you can wear them with anything.” Nike Blazers come in several different colorways to match any outfit you want and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. 

    As for Converse Chuck Taylors that came out in 1949, they have been a classic from the start, and their popularity flows in and out. They also come in multiple styles, high top and low top, but they recently have introduced a platform style that has grown rapidly in popularity. Junior Samuel Baggett, who owns golf le fleur Converse, spoke with Cat Talk saying, “It depends on the color but they are versatile and go with a lot of outfits.” Samuel also describes them as “comfortable and slim.” Converse Chuck Taylors, just like Nike Blazers, come in many different colors and sizes and are often available both in-store and online.

    Both shoes have a similar fit and style but are made with different materials. Nike Blazers are typically made of leather, while Converse are made of canvas, but they both have the same slim fit. Juniors Isabella VanFleet and Summer Yeates, who own both Nike Blazers and Converse, say that “Converse are more comfortable, but [they] wear Nike Blazers more because they go with more outfits.” Another junior, who owns both Nike Blazers and Converse, Sheridan Ely, says, “Converse are more unique and Blazers are more mainstream but go with more.” Sheridan’s opinion was reciprocated by numerous other Millbrook students. When choosing between going the Nike Blazers route or the Converse route, it is all about personal style and what style you want to achieve.