Conspiracy Column: Astrology, Insightful or Insane?

Caption: From Aries to Pisces, everyone is assigned a zodiac sign at birth. The question is: does this sign affect one’s life, or does life affect one’s perception of the sign?

Emsley Jackson, Staff Reporter

  Astrology: the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. “Mercury is in retrograde,” “We are both air signs; that is why we are so compatible”, “He is such a Taurus, so stubborn”- all things one might hear if speaking to someone who believes in astrology and its effects. The great umbrella of the magical and spiritual outlet of astrology spans further than just talk of Zodiac signs. This multiverse of things includes horoscopes, constellations, planetary alignment, birth charts, and everything but the kitchen sink. The question is, to what extent do people let the stars predict and affect their lives? 

  The origin of astrology is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Historical mentions of the topic date back as far as the Mesopotamian era, back when the “What’s your sign?” pick-up line was still fresh. According to Britannica, “The original purpose of astrology … was to inform the individual of the course of his life on the basis of the positions of the planets and of the zodiacal signs (the 12 astrological constellations) at the moment of his birth or conception.” The zodiac sign aspect comes from the Chinese zodiac calendar, as well as influences from the religion of Taoism. The subjective nature of astrology has affected its purpose throughout history. American presidents like Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding would not make any political or geographical moves without consulting their trustworthy spiritual guides about the astrological mood of the planets. Today, people use it as a way to justify their characteristics, explain their connections to others, or use it as another reason to get a Sagittarius tattoo. 

  Does the sign people are born under mold their personality? Capricorn senior Delaney Guidi says yes, stating, “I believe that a lot of the traits that people have do correspond to the zodiac. Like to me, a lot of Aries people act the same. And I believe it can say something about compatibility when it comes to dating and friendships.” On the other hand, Leo junior Sophia Erickson says that while she believes in horoscopes, “I don’t believe in the personality aspects of astrology, it’s too vague.” Certain traits get assigned to the Zodiac, and correct or not, prejudice can form. Aquarius senior Madison Boone relays, “My belief in zodiac signs already gives me a preconceived notion of a person and their personality before I get to know them. A lot of the time it’s correct.” But are these believed characteristics accurate? Scorpio traits, according to the internet, are deep, mysterious, and even secretive. And yet, the bubbly and  colorful Katy Perry is a self-proclaimed “triple Scorpio.” Nicki Swift explains by saying, “What comes to mind first when you think of Katy Perry? Whipped-cream bras, California girls, and fireworks? Well, what if we told you Perry’s astrological chart is dominated by the moodiest sign in the zodiac — Scorpio? Perry’s sun, moon, and rising placements are in this sign.” The only thing that screams dark and brooding about Katy Perry is her “Bad Blood” era with Taylor Swift. 

  What about horoscopes? What are the chances that if the Co-Star website Pisces horoscope of the day says, “Today you will fall off a cliff…”, that it will actually happen? A Pisces somewhere will of course, but the actual probability is low. When asked if he listened to the advice of a daily horoscope, Gemini senior Ryan Malloy responded, “Not really, I feel like your day is as good as you make it. No generic prediction can change that.” Infamous Libra Kim Kardashian swears by horoscopes and what they have to say about her life. Your Coffee Break says, “She is wary of what the stars have to say through her website. Kim has also said on husband Kanye West’s birthday that he is a Gemini – a perfect match for Libra.” Well, ex-husband, so perhaps not.  

  To recap, Astrology is subjective. Whether using astrology to assess big business moves, a relationship and its chances of survival, why people act the way they do, or just simply so that one cool Virgo sticker can make its way to your laptop, there is no right or wrong answer to the methods of believing. The answers are all written in the stars, but maybe in invisible ink.