Harry Styles Announces New Album Harry’s Home



Styles’ new album cover features him inside an upside-down room, giving speculation his album will be based around a home.

Ashley Snyder, Staff Reporter

Harry Styles announced his new album Harry’s Home due to be released on May 20th. Over the course of the past few days, Styles and his team added to a website known as youarehome.com which features a closed door. At the start of the week, the door opened for the first time, and every day since then has changed. On March 23rd, when the door changed at 12 pm it was the cover art for Styles’ new album. Fans went wild after the album trailer was released on Youtube. The trailer featuring Styles with the outline of a home has people thrilled for his new album.

  Following the near two-year mark since his second album, Fine Line, fans anticipated new music. After being seen filming something on the streets of London, people had been suspicious of future plans. The news today has brought its own theories as well, such as; during the album trailer a distorted sound played, some fans reversed and claim it sounds like it could be the beginning of a song. 

  Others speculate that this could be Styles’s last album as his focus over the past year has been more on his acting career. Styles will be featured in two motion pictures known as My Policeman, based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, and Don’t Worry Darling, in which Styles will star alongside Florence Pugh.

  Whether this is Styles’s last album or not, fans will continue to support him in whatever career path he chooses to focus on. Although with upcoming tour dates for Europe and a new album, Styles will have to focus on his music career for longer.