South Carolina Women’s Basketball: Back on Top


Player, Destanni Henderson, ended her South Carolina career by winning a national championship. She is the guard and contributed greatly to the number of points and rebounds South Carolina needed to win.

EvanKate Page, Staff Reporter

  South Carolina has gotten their redemption from losing the final four-game last year against Stanford. This year’s women’s March Madness ended with South Carolina defeating UConn with a score of 64-49. This will be South Carolina’s second time winning the championship, as they won it against Mississippi St. in 2017. South Carolina’s coach, Dawn Staley, is the first Black coach to win multiple Division 1 basketball national championships. The Gamecocks finished the tournament with an average of 45.5 points, the second-lowest mark by a national championship against its tournament opponents. 

  They were able to achieve this with their junior forward, Aliyah Boston, the national player of the year. She was also named Final Fours most outstanding player with her 30th double-double of the season, scoring 11 points and 16 rebounds. Boston and her teammates were able to obtain the second-highest rebound differential in a game with the standings being 49-24. Gamecocks guard Destanni Henderson became the first player since 2000 to set a career-high for scoring in the national championship game with 26 points in her final performance of her collegiate career. This is only the beginning for South Carolina’s women’s team as their coach states the goal for next year is the same as this year.