Lights! Camera! Action! Movies to Get Excited for Prom!


Mean Girls and The Kissing Booth get audiences in the prom spirit. These binge-worthy movies are definitely worth watching!

Ansley Russo, staff reporter

  Prom is a huge milestone in a teen’s life. The dresses, the limo, and the pictures are looked forward to all year by high school students. Millbrook’s prom is coming up next month, and everyone is getting keyed-up! Two hilarious movies that capture the excitement of prom are Mean Girls and The Kissing Booth.

   Mean Girls is a perfect prom movie! The film is filled with teen drama and coming-of-age lessons. When Cady goes to public school for the first time, she is not expecting to be pulled into the popular group. Cady has to navigate being a teenage girl and finds that it is more complicated than she ever expected. The movie builds up to the end-of-year dance and everyone wondering who will win prom queen. The popular mean girls, the Plastics, are all expecting their leader, Regina to win. “It’s funny because it’s so accurate in a ridiculous way. I like how she realizes who she is on her prom night,.” senior Monica Reyes Gonzales comments. When Cady ends up grounded the night of the dance, she wonders if she will be able to make it at all.

   The Kissing Booth is one of the highly-rated movies of our generation. Lee and Elle have been best friends since they were babies. Like all the stereotypical best friends in movies, they have a list of rules. One of the biggest rules is not dating each other’s family. This is not a problem until Lee’s brother, Noah, starts to catch Elle’s eye. Elle and Lee get ready for prom while Elle tries to ignore the tensions between her and Noah. Of Course, a Hollywood movie  has a Hollywood budget, so their prom isn’t exactly realistic. “Their prom is so cool, I can’t wait for ours!” Libby O’Connor says. At their prom, the students set up a kissing booth, just like the one where Elle and Noah shared their first kiss. Will Noah manage to win over Elle? Watch The Kissing Booth to find out! 

   Mean Girls and The Kissing Booth authentically capture the awkwardness, excitement, disappointment, and magic of prom. Even though Millbrook’s prom might not be just like movies, it sure will be a night to remember!