A Trip Around the International Fair!



When students first walked into the International Fair, they were greeted by Millbrook Executive Board members. They gave each student a bag for the treats they got, and passports to collect stamps from each booth.

EvanKate Page, Staff Reporter

  Millbrook is one of the most diverse high schools in Wake County, resulting in a large student population coming from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. To celebrate the cultural diversity of our school, Millbrook Executive Board presents the International Fair! Held in the small gym, various clubs and organizations set up booths to share information, activities, and food from cultures around the world.

  During third block on Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 7th, students have the opportunity to explore the International Fair with their class or during their lunch. Students could check out activities like making an ink-decorated fan at the Chinese Club booth, or they could also try international foods like French crepes.

  Millbrook offers four different world languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, and Latin. Each of these languages has a club or honor society that participated in the International Fair. Spanish Honor Society member Natalie Gonzalez says, “In order to prepare, we met in the mornings to work on crafts. We split up into different groups: some members cut out different shapes for the paper mosaics, others worked on making paper flowers, etc. We tried to make fun crafts that revolved around Spanish culture that students could learn from and make.” Each club or organization had a poster or description of what they were. Not only did the different language clubs, and honor societies have booths, but the Black Student Union, Sports Analytics, and information about sophomores’ personal projects also have a booth with information and treats.

  Classes such as Physical Science took a trip around the International Fair during third period. The atmosphere can be described as “fun” and “interesting.” Natalie says, “At our table we tried to just create an inviting and fun atmosphere. We had music playing in the background and gave every student an opportunity to work on different crafts. It was really fun and everyone was really interactive!” Students were handed a passport and bags when they walked in. Each table would give the passport a stamp and give out a treat. With all students participating, this created an engaging environment, and Junior Gabe Cerda says, “Everybody was joined together, walking around interacting with one another. It was cool seeing the different cultures. I even got to see some people dancing which was amazing.”  The purpose of this event was to bring all cultures together in one space. Millbrook also provides several different clubs and unions to appreciate everyone’s culture.