How To Get Ready For Prom

Junior Tessa Leung tried on her pink prom dress for the first time. Tessa is excited to wear this dress to prom.

T. Leung

Junior Tessa Leung tried on her pink prom dress for the first time. Tessa is excited to wear this dress to prom.

Chandler Mason, Staff Reporter

  Prom is a memorable moment for upperclassmen. It is a way to broaden a student’s social skills and provide them with a joyful experience. When attending prom, students take time and effort on planning what they are going to do for prom. This type of preparation can vary depending on the student and their preferences.

  Typically, the way students get ready for prom is by deciding if they want to attend, what they want to wear, and their plans before and after the event. After deciding to attend prom, students eventually pick what they want to wear like their outfit, makeup, and hair. This can be done before or after the ticket is purchased. Usually, when picking out what one wants to wear, they consider a few factors. For example, if someone is going with a date, their friends, or solo. This is a factor that is kept in mind because it can influence what color someone is wearing, their hair, makeup, etc. 

  Then, the individual decides their transportation to prom and their activities afterward. By the time prom comes, the student is prepared and will go to experience an eventful night with memorable experiences. These are the typical things people do when getting ready for prom. It is normal for students to set aside multiple hours to prepare for prom because it is a core high school memory.                   

  Junior Tyler Vereen says, “For prom, I plan on getting a tuxedo and getting a haircut the day of. Also, I will be buying a corsage for my friend. Me and my friends are going out to dinner and we will take pictures before we attend.” Similar to the general steps, Tyler picked out what he wanted to wear, who he would be going with, what he wanted to look like, and what he would be doing before and after the event. Sophomore Millie Rodriguez differs from this process when she says,  “For prom, I plan to get my hair and makeup done. Also, I picked a beautiful dress with matching shoes to wear to the prom. I did not necessarily put a lot of effort because I found the planning process very easy.“ Millie did not put in as much effort as Tyler, but they both used the typical ways to plan for prom.   

  Whether one attends and dedicates time and preparation or does not go at all, prom is meant to be a glorious moment for students and end with memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.