Welcoming New Principal Dr. Saunders


Dr. Saunders

Millbrook welcomes new principal Dr. Saunders. Millbrook cannot wait for what he has to bring!

Sofia Burr Reynolds, Staff reporter

  “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody’s got this better than us!” An inspiring quote new principal Dr. Saunders values as he starts off his first days at Millbrook. After 19 years of Mrs. King being principal of Millbrook, the school is now welcoming someone new to the Millbrook family, Dr. Saunders. He has been in education for about twenty years and has worked hard to get to where he is now. Dr. Saunders shows dedication to what he does and loves being a great leader. 

  His main goal is to make connections around the school community and wants to make sure everybody feels appreciated. He wants to make people feel supported and welcomed while being at school. Sophomore Henry Eastin says, “He talked to me after the musical and he seemed really nice. I think he is going to be a good fit for Millbrook.” Dr. Saunders has just started at Millbrook, and although many students have not gotten to know him yet, those who feel this think he is going to be an awesome addition to the Millbrook community. 

  With Dr. Saunders’ leadership skills, he hopes to bring change to the future of Millbrook. Dr. Saunders describes himself by saying, “I am like the glue that sticks everything together.” He likes how everything is organized at Millbrook and how good of a job all the staff members are doing. Dr. Saunders is taking his time to adapt to Millbrook before he decides to make any changes. When it comes to the future of Millbrook, Dr. Saunders wants the students to feel more a part of the school, and he wants to make classes more engaging. This will make the students feel excited about going to class, and he feels this can improve the environment at Millbrook. Dr. Saunders is very excited to be here at Millbrook and cannot wait for what it brings!