MHS Activities Fair


With the school year in full swing, all the Millbrook extracurricular activities are working hard to recruit new members at this year’s Activities Fair!

Emsley Jackson, Section Editor

  Clubs, sports, honor societies, oh my! With the start of a brand new school year comes new students, and every Millbrook extracurricular activity fights for their interest at the annual Activities Fair. This past Thursday, September 22, during all three lunch periods, groups set up stations in the media center to showcase their talents to fresh sets of eyes. Colorful poster boards, informational handouts, props, and student representatives all vouched for the extracurriculars Millbrook has to offer. 

  Students were greeted with library staff handing out maps showcasing where they could find each group’s table. Different interest groups like the African Student Association, Black Student Union, Muslim Student Alliance, Gay-Straight Alliance and the Arab Student Union were present in search of more members to build their caucuses. Societies like the English Honor Society and Humanities Honor Society laid out application requirements for Millbrook’s high achievers. Career based clubs, like DECA, FFA, FCCLA, and Women in STEM, sought out individuals who were looking for an early start on their futures. Service clubs like the Key Club, Care Impact Club, Unified Best Buddies, and Millbrook Mentors were looking for like-minded individuals who valued helping others. The sports present were Boys Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse, Cross Country, Track & Field, and Men’s Tennis. Sports-related clubs like Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Millbrook Maniacs, and Sports Analytics Club aligned themselves with athletes and fans alike to find their spirit. Cultural clubs like the French, Latin, Feminist, Culture, and K-POP clubs are centered around creating communities. 

  Community was an overarching theme for this activity fair, with pockets of culture and interest spawning everywhere. Many clubs felt that the exposure the fair gives them is the best way to achieve this community. Dr. Gentile, faculty advisor to the Latin Club, says, “Normally the Latin Club is just kids that are in Latin class, and I think we’ve met a lot of kids who don’t necessarily take the class but are interested in Roman culture. That’s been a really great aspect of this event.” Senior Sam Miller, Vice President of the Humanities Honor Society, wholeheartedly agrees with this point. She states, “I think that a lot of people have no idea what this club is, because we’re so new. So we’ve been able to introduce the idea to a lot of people which is sparking new interest in them.” If these statements hold true, then the Millbrook Activities Fair was an authentic success!