Are Waffles Better than Pancakes?


As displayed in the photos, this was chosen to illustrate pancakes and waffles. Both are delicious but one is a more convenient meal.

De'Zaria Lucas, Multimedia Director

Imagine arguing over if Waffles or Pancakes were better, when they are made with the same ingredients, questions and controversy arises; Do they taste the same? Are waffles actually better? Well the answer is, it depends on who you ask and their reasoning behind it. 

Others will argue that it depends on who makes them or where they are purchased; taking part in eating both, Reporter De’Zaria Lucas can agree that waffles taste better. 

 Pancakes are not disgusting, however, they soak up the syrup when letting them sit for only a second; Meanwhile waffles will hold the syrup and keep it in one place without soaking in for a while. Using waffles as bread is a new thing now at plenty of restaurants. For example Iyla’s southern kitchen at Morgan Street Food Hall serves different chicken and waffle combinations; they feature chicken “sandwiches” where the “bread” is waffles. 

Reporter De’Zaria decides to take a tour around Millbrook and asks students if waffles are better than pancakes, here’s what Millbrook had to say about it: