Critics Corner: Guasaca Review


Raleigh’s newest South American cuisine is a solid 9/10. Go check out Guasaca!

Jack Williams, Staff reporter

A comforting place with an amazing environment, with a helpful, resourceful staff, Guasaca is an inviting space.  The newest location of this local South American Grill chain, located at 913 Spring Forest Rd just minutes away from campus, is definitely a different dining experience. Famous for their arepas, stuffed cornmeal cakes eaten in South America,  Guasaca is the place to go if you want a meal that is modern, unique, and intriguing. 

With a giant menu on one of the walls, you have the ability to customize anything you want. The most popular items to order are the arepas, but you can also get a bowl. With all the mouth watering options to put on your arepa/bowl, you will not be disappointed by the amazing taste. With a soft, bread -like consistency, the arepa pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s famous guasaca sauce. Fresh guacamole mixed with flavorful salsa, the guasaca sauce is the highlight of anyone’s meal.

With a staff that patiently goes through each food option to add to your meal, you can let your creativity run wild. Served right to you, the food looks spectacular, with various seating options, Guasaca invites you to stay for a while or take your food to go. Other options to snack on include, a mini cheese arepa, chips and salsa, South American pudding, and many more. I highly recommend Guasaca to anybody who is in for a flavorful, yet healthy way to eat South American cuisine.