Incredible Coaches: Scanlon Steps Into Position as a New Assistant Athletic Director


Coach Scanlon with the 2021-2022 women’s soccer seniors. Moon and Skye Photography.

Avery Lemelin, Staff Reporter

    You may recognize Coach Scanlon but did you know he has a new job? For the last several years Coach Scanlon has helped with men’s soccer and has coached women’s soccer as well. This year he has transitioned to be one of our new assistant athletic directors. I interviewed him to figure out how he plans to help our athletes in his new role.

   Coach Scanlon got his start coaching women’s soccer at his previous school. He started coaching because he has always loved the sport. Coaching gives him the chance to be around student athletes who also love the sport and are also invested in the game. He enjoys the positive energy team sports provide and it gives him a much needed break from the school day. As Head Coach of the 2021-2022 varsity women’s soccer team, Coach Scanlon led the team to their first conference championship since 2013. They also won the very first Northern Athletic Conference tournament.  He says, “I want to make sure all the sports are known. I love talking to students about how the volleyball games went or how the golf match was. The sports that don’t get the recognition they deserve, and women’s soccer has always been one of them.” Scanlon has advice for any student athletes:“When asking for feedback, ask more questions about the feedback you were given. Be specific. It shows the coaches you are dedicated and want to improve your playing.” He would encourage athletes to ask questions to improve not only their playing but their experience on the team. He hopes to continue building relationships with athletes by moving into this new role as the assistant Athletic Director.