The 100 years of Millbrook Call for 100 Acts of Service

Carter Ramey, Co-Editor in Chief and Social Media Director

  This year Millbrook is celebrating its  centennial, in honor of this, the Service Club is sponsoring 100 acts of service. These acts will be performed from all the clubs, teams and classes within Millbrook. This will go on for the entire school year, and when an act is completed it should be sent to Mrs. Broadwell or Mrs. Beach, who are heads of the Service Club. Once each act is completed then it will be recorded and will bring Millbrook closer to reaching the goal of 100. 

  This project will allow for the entire school to come together to reach a common goal and make Millbrook a great place to be. Madison Solenmen, a service club member, says, “it is such a good thing for the school and allows us to celebrate this amazing milestone.” Not only is this for celebrating Millbrook, but also highlighting all the acts of service that are done around Millbrook.  

  The acts of service can be done in many different ways, it could be a service project through a club, a clean-up around campus, or some sort of drive. No matter how big or small the service, they each are something that is done for the betterment of Millbrook. The advisor for Service Club, Mrs. Broadwell, says, “I am looking forward to this project and to see all the amazing things that will get done all around.” This is an important year for Millbrook since it is 100 years of being established, and this project is a great way to celebrate.