Teacher Tribute: Profesora Amaguayo


Photo by Dorsey Ramey

Sitting at her desk, Profesora Amaguyo welcomes all students into her class with a smile. She enjoys her time at millbrook.

Dorsey Ramey, Staff Reporter

Profesora Amaguayo has always been the type of teacher who likes to make class fun. She has been at Millbrook for 4 years and teaching for a total of 12 years.  She began teaching at the age of 18, where she taught English to children  in Ecuador for a non-profit organization. In all of her years of teaching she has gotten the opportunity to  teach  all ages from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. . The reason she became a teacher is because she likes to work with people and knew she did not want to work in an office. The classes she teaches at Millbrook are Spanish II, heritage I, and heritage II honors. Profesora Amag says “Millbrook is a place that embraces diversity and it makes it easier to teach another language.” This allows her to let her students fully emerge themselves into the culture that they learn about and creates a learning environment that is enjoyable. 

  Profesora Amaguayo is the type of teacher who just loves her students. She always puts her students first and she wants the best for them inside and outside of the classroom. By being so welcoming to all the students she creates an environment that students feel comfortable and can express themselves in many different ways. Profesora Amaguayo  says,  “there is something great about having this community in class and building knowledge together”. Something that she really enjoys is to just have a connection with students and be a part of their growth. Which is something she includes in every class she teaches, a good connection with students and a fun environment. Her dedication to teaching is seen through her passion and love, and is contagious to her students.