Is Panic Point Worth It?

Panic Point, located in Youngsville NC, provides teens with plenty of jumpscares each year. The attraction has operated since 2010.

Panic Point, located in Youngsville NC, provides teens with plenty of jumpscares each year. The attraction has operated since 2010.

Kenley Belcher, Writer

  Panic Point is an outside haunted attraction that is ranked North Carolina’s number one haunted house. Located in Youngsville, this attraction begins on Oct. 8 and ends on Nov. 5. It was made 12 years ago, and six different attractions have been created over the years. The haunted forest plans days that are adults only which bring in brewing companies to come and sell their products. They also have options on general admission or VIP to get different experiences depending on what you pay.

  Ticket prices vary depending on the day and the events going on. The average price for general admission is 30 to 45 dollars, and that gets you into the five main attractions. The average price for VIP admission is 50 to 75 dollars, and that gets you into the VIP line at the box office and the five main attractions. The ticket will get you a wristband which will be marked off at each attraction, so it is one time through each. 

  The five main attractions all offer different scares depending on what each person wants. The first attraction at Panic Point is the Howling Hayride. It is an open ride through the woods, passing seven different scenes including the Contamination Chamber, Lost Lagoon and The Web. While on the hayride, the scarers might jump on and sit down with the riders. Killers in the Corn is a corn maze that holds the scariest and deadliest killers throughout history hiding within. Stalkers Farm (formerly known as the Menacing Maze) is a maze of tall grass with scenes of “Granny’s Porch” and “The Outhouse.” The Dark Trail is a full walk in the dark woods with only a rope to guide you through. Scary people and things will crawl and jump out along the walk. The last attraction is the Haunted Forest, which is the largest one at Panic Point. It is a half mile walk, through 12 different scenes, including a butcher shop and a motel. For an extra cost, there is the Carny Crypt, which is a sit down experience. 

  Even when not in an attraction, there are other things to do. You can get food and drinks from carts, along with taking pictures with the scarers in the main square. 

  I think Panic Point is worth the money, but I would go on days where the price is cheaper. The VIP pass is not worth it because it just shortens wait time in lines, which depending on the time isn’t very long. My favorite was the Haunted Forest because you get to go through different rooms instead of having to walk in the woods the whole time. My least favorite is the Howling Hayride because the scarers get on the ride with you and sit next to you. Overall I think Panic Point is the perfect place to go to get you in the Halloween spirit. 

  Sophomore Kyler Kivett went this weekend and said, “I loved it because I think it also matters who you go with because the people make it worth it, give or take.” She continues with, “The lines were long, but it was also the 29th and they were sold out that night, but the music made it fun. While we were waiting for the Dark Trail, they started playing the “Cupid Shuffle” and the song “Wobble,” and the entirety of the line started dancing.” There’s still time to visit this week through Nov. 5 and get your fill of thrills, otherwise, keep Panic Point in mind for Halloween 2023.