Millbrook’s Upcoming Fall Play



Once Mr. K has his vision sorted out for the set, he communicates with the Technical Theater class to bring his vision to life.

EvanKate Page, Assistant Social Media Director

  It’s another case of  “whodunnit” as Millbrook Theater puts on a murder mystery for the Fall Play. Rehearsals for “The Game’s Afoot” are in full swing and the cast and crew have begun to settle in. 

  Elise Edmondson and Jocelyn Rubio both describe their feelings for performing as a “happy medium” between nerves and excitement. Edmondson further explains, “I am enough nervous that I know I will put my best foot forward but I am also very excited for the audience to see what we have been working on.” The cast agrees that the murder mystery plays are very fun to perform and catch the audience’s reaction, especially to comedy murder mysteries. Rubio describes the cast as “absolutely amazing” and says that they have all begun to form a bond.

  The technical theater students, while not seen on stage, are vital to the production of the play. These students work with the actors/actresses as well as Mr.Kotzian (Mr. K) to design the set, lights, costumes, and much more. The process of picking out costumes begins with the theater director, Mr. K, summarizing the play to the costume crew as they do more research and begin brainstorming. Costume crew chief, Toni Leathers, says, “Certain things that I don’t have a vision for, I will ask Mr. K what he is looking for and then he will give me feedback. Then I will go back and work with what he tells me, and from there I will bring him back ideas.” 

  When the play needs special lighting effects it is written into the script to let the crew know. Lights crew member, Lauren Creighton, says, “We get a lot of our cues from the script. However, if Mr. K sees anything that would make the scene look better by changing the lighting he will come to us. I think he is a very visual and impulsive decision-maker when it comes to this so he always has new ideas.” While not required to come to every rehearsal, Leathers explains that she does most of her work at rehearsals so that her crew feels like they have input. 

  Come out to support Millbrook Theater cast and crew on opening night, November 17th. Mr. K, as well as the cast and crew, have put in tons of work to keep the audience on the edge of their seats!