Dave Filoni and his “Tales of the Jedi“ saved Star Wars


Imperial Inquisitor threatens an outer rim village in order to hawk down a supposed Jedi sighting. (Credits: Lucasfilm)

Aidan Spoonhour, Staff Reporter

 With the new release of the highly anticipated, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, some would agree that it in some senses saved the Franchise and Disney’s reputation with Lucasfilm. Star Wars has always been a childhood favorite of many children all around the world and with Disney buying out the franchise people had high hopes for what was to come. Unfortunately, most fans were disappointed with the sequel trilogy, the Kenobi series, and the Boba Fett series making most people have a feeling of distaste towards the directors and producers of Disney. One bright spot is executive director and producer, Dave Filoni who has been working with George Lucas since the release of “Revenge of the Sith” (2005). With Filoni creating new the series, Tales of the Jedi many were excited due to his positive track record within the Star Wars universe. Filoni created the 2021 Season 7 of the Clone Wars show and it was an immediate success. He also was a key role in the creation of the hit series  Mandalorian and Andor. With high expectations, he managed to deliver creating an accurate, fun, and emotional season of Star Wars content with opportunities to expand. It created a necessary spark needed to rekindle the love original fans once had.


  Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi starts before the Prequal trilogy with future padawan Ahsoka Tano being birthed and discovered as a force sensitive. Then the show skips a few years before “The Phantom Menace” and continues through the timeline of the movie, showing the progression of Jedi Master Dooku’s fall to the dark side. With a lot of missing depth to the character Dooku, especially as a Jedi, it created a dramatic irony where we know he’s turning to the dark side but also helps you sympathize with him as a character. You feel his struggles and understand his doubts about the Jedi Order. Lastly, it skips to Ahsoka training against Anakin’s troops creating a beautiful parallel between then and the scene in Season 7 of the Clone Wars where when “Order 66” was initiated. The Clones Ahsoka once fought with put her in that exact scenario she trained for allowing her to escape and survive. These were just some of the ways Filoni made his films stand out and truly benefit the Star Wars franchise which was once objectively dying. If Disney gives more directing power to Dave Filoni they have a chance to fully revive what was once a thriving universe by creating memorable content for everyone new and old to the fandom.