Devastating shooting at the University of Virginia


UVA police department via Twitter

While the suspect has been identified, an active search is still underway and students are being asked to stay in place.

EvanKate Page, Assistant Social Media Director

Three people died and at least two were injured in a shooting that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on Monday, October 14th. The shots were initially reported on Sunday at 10 p.m. near the drama building at the University of Virginia. 

  The suspect has been identified as a football player for the school in 2018, but it was stated that he did not appear in any games. However, police are still searching for the suspect as of Monday morning. Classes have been canceled as the police department continues the investigation. The campus has been put in a shelter-in-place via text message. The vice president and dean of students, Robyn S. Hadley, was included in this and is staying put on campus grounds. According to the Associated Press, few, if any people appeared on campus, giving it an unusual deserted feeling on Monday morning. 

  Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia, said in a statement that he and his wife are, “praying for the UVA community.”