Drake and 21 Savage get sued over a fake magazine cover


Drake and 21 Savage

Drake and 21 Savage’s fake magazine cover promoting their new album Her Loss.

Avery Lemelin, Staff Reporter

The publisher of the Vogue magazine, Condé Nast filed a lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage on November 8, 2022. The rappers were sued for promoting their new album, Her Loss.

Condé Nast filed a 30-page lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage because their campaign was “built entirely on the use of Vogue’s trademark.” They were worried that people would think that the rappers would be featured in the magazine. The publisher is hoping for at least $4 million in damages or triple the rapper’s profits from their album and its fake magazine – whichever one is higher.  Condé Nast is searching for a temporary restarting order and a preliminary injunction as well. Hoping this will cause the rappers to stop publicizing the fake magazine cover.

The lawsuit claims that Drake and 21 Savage created fake issues of Vogue and sold copies of it in “North America’s largest metropolitan areas.” Also, this fake magazine cover was posted on social media to more than 135 million users who actively follow Drake and 21 Savage. This lawsuit also states that the rappers falsely thanked Anna Wintour for the “love and support on this historical moment.

This is one of many parodies that have come from their latest album. The rappers also pretended to perform on  NBC’s Saturday Night Live, NPR’s Tiny Desk series, and Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show.