Style File: What to wear for Thanksgiving in 2022


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Looking classy is the number one goal this Thanksgiving. Following this advice from the style file will provide you with a Thanksgiving outfit guaranteed to make you feel your best!

Berkeley Sumner, Managing Editor

  2022 is a year in which almost anything can be fashionable, depending on how you wear it. But for Thanksgiving, there is a surrounding tradition of what’s acceptable versus what won’t be presentable. Scarves, jeans, and sweaters are quite popular depending on the formality of the event, and sometimes the dress code comes down to dresses and skirts only. When attending a Friendsgiving, family thanksgiving dinner, or thanksgiving party, it is important to make sure of the dress code. 

  If attending an event with a more casual dress code, puffer vests are a very popular fall and winter fashion trend this year. It can be used to dress down an outfit in case you have different parties back to back. For example, a simple long sleeve flowy dress with a puffer vest on top can be versatile and easy. Another casual outfit idea is dark wash jeans, wide leg, straight leg, or boot cut, paired with any neutral color bodysuit and a cardigan or flannel to match. When dressing for fall and especially Thanksgiving with its transition to winter, layering is key. It keeps you warm and stylish all at once.

  In contrast, attending a more formal Thanksgiving event calls for a parallel dress code. The elements of layering stay consistent in both casual and formal events depending on how you pair them. To look more professional while still being stylish and trendy, leather pants with a bodysuit have become a classy look. Senior Addison Pope shares her opinion on leather pants with Cat Talk saying, “I love wearing my black leather pants because I can dress them up or down so easily and they are incredibly flattering.” When wearing something simple like that it is important to accessorize, usually with simple jewelry or even a statement piece, and a bag to match. Short booties have also made a comeback this year and are perfect to be worn with any outfit that comes to mind. The classic sweater dress can also be dressed up by pairing it with darker accessories.

  When choosing your Thanksgiving apparel, the most crucial element to remember is the use of color. Typically deeper and neutral tones work best, such as maroon, forest green/emerald, black, brown, tan, navy blue, etc. Use your outfit as a way to present your confidence this Thanksgiving and remember that Cat Talk is always around for advice!