Wake County School Board Proposes Reassignment Plan


Provided by: abc11.com

Wake County School Board to vote on reassignment proposal, possibly affecting up to 2,500 students.

Emsley Jackson, Section Editor

For Wake County students, school reassignments may change over the course of the next school year. The Wake County School Board is set to vote on this issue in the coming weeks. School Board district leaders say that this decision for the reassignment of students is to help with overcrowding and bus routes, and prepare for the construction of new schools in the future. These have all been issues in recent years, especially after returning to school post-pandemic. 

  This plan could affect up to 2,500 students in Wake County, and possibly quite a few schools. Lindsey Mahaffey, School Board chairwoman told CBS 17 News, “This is really looking at changes that are anticipating new schools coming or changes looking at operational efficiency especially from a transportation standpoint.” 

“If your child is reassigned, they can stay at their current school; but parents have to provide transportation,” Mahaffey said. 

The exceptions to this rule include rising kindergarteners, 6th graders, and 9th graders can opt to attend the same school as their older siblings so families don’t have to be split up.