Picture of the Month: Wildcat Football Makes History


Millbrook defense takes on Cardinal Gibbons in the second round of playoffs. The unexpected win carries Millbrook to the final eight.

Ella Milak, Staff Reporter

 Facing the Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders, the Millbrook Wildcats were the underdogs in the second round of playoffs. Supporting their team, the Maniacs dressed up in country club attire, sporting argyle and button downs. At the end of the third quarter, Cardinal Gibbons was up 27-14, leaving Millbrook fans with a feeling of possible defeat. With valiant effort, Millbrooks defense only allowed Gibbons to score 3 points for a field goal, ending their game with a total of 30 points. Millbrooks offense was able to score 28 points in the fourth quarter which caused an amazing comeback for the wildcats! 

This picture of the month showcases just how fearless the Millbrook defense was in the fourth quarter.It resembles how the Millbrook defense never gave up despite being down at the end of the third quarter. Regardless of  the rainy atmosphere, the Millbrook football players persevered and beat Gibbons for the first time in Millbrook history.