Teacher Tribute: Mr. Andrus


Avery Le

Mr. Andrus sitting at his desk joined by student Yazir James. Both with a smile on their faces!!

Dorsey Ramey, Staff Reporter

Mr. Andrus is a teacher who always likes to have fun in class, while he is always pushing students to be their best. He starts his classes by having a conversation with the students and then begins teaching. Mr. Andrus has been teaching for a total of four years and at Millbrook for two of those years. Before teaching he was a design engineer, which he did for 12 years. The classes that he teaches here at Millbrook include all of the Math II classes (Academic , Honors, and Foundations).  


   When asked about why he wanted to become a teacher he answered jokingly, “Summers off!” Then he spoke on how school was not his favorite growing up and he struggled so he knew that teaching would make him want to help young students have a better experience than he did. 


   Mr. Andrus is a newer member of the staff and he loves the collaboration between them and how well everyone works so well together. But, within teaching there are some hardships. ¨When you mix 35 different learning styles and behaviors together teaching becomes very hard” says Mr. Andrus. 


   He has an active teaching style and likes to explain everything that you need to know early on within units which is very helpful so it is easy to understand the rest. Former student Ryan Dickens, a sophmore says, ¨Mr. Andrus was one of my favorite math teachers because the way he taught was fun and he made sure to make class entertaining while also getting the point across.¨


  Some of Mr. Andrus’s favorite hobbies are playing golf, drinking coffee, cheering on Michigan’s sports teams, and being with family. Something he does every morning during the first period is make his second coffee of the day, while his favorite snack for later is pretzels. We are so grateful to have him here at Millbrook!