Who is Bound to Win the College Football Playoffs

College Football Playoffs logo printed on the field in Atlanta for the semi-finals/championship.


College Football Playoffs logo printed on the field in Atlanta for the semi-finals/championship.

Aidan Spoonhour, Staff Reporter

  The weekend of November 25th was pivotal for the NCAA College Football Playoffs. It simplified spots even more, eliminating teams like Alabama, USC, and Tennessee. Many people, particularly Alabama fans, were outraged by the fact they didn’t make the cut being eliminated even with TCU’s loss that weekend to Kansas State, who is ranked in the top 10. Alabama not being a top 4 team is a shock to everyone as they have been a college football powerhouse winning 6 of the last 10 National Titles. Even with the shock of them being eliminated there is simply no argument to let them play in the playoffs. Just looking at TCU’s record, it is better than Alabama’s, additionally, they lead in the most advanced statistics, such as more ranked wins.  When asked about what he thinks about Alabama not making the cut, Junior at Millbrook and avid college football fan Riley Furnas said, “I’m happy to see a new team get an opportunity to compete like TCU. I feel that it will be great to see a new Natty winner other than the same old Alabama.” He also mentions the future of college football saying, “I am also super excited for the new 12-team bracket that will include more teams starting next year because I feel it will truly show the best team. Right now I feel it is more of a popularity contest.” 


  Other than spoiled Alabama fans criticizing the selection committee that didn’t put Saban’s Alabama squad in the playoffs it has been a pretty consensus top 4, with most everyone agreeing. The standings are final with Georgia and Michigan at the undisputed one and two spots, TCU at three, and Ohio State at four.  The reigning National Champions, Georgia is the obvious favorite to win it all but fans crave a heated rivalry game between Ohio State and Michigan. In order for this to happen Ohio State would have to upset Georgia who holds the longest active win streak with 14 wins. Ohio State’s #1 offense is looking to exploit the Bulldog’s defense who is #1, averaging 12.8 points let up a game. The seemingly impenetrable defensive unit has looked quite mortal in the past few weeks letting LSU rack up 30 points and allowing long-time rival Georgia Tech put up 22. With weapons like Marvin Harrison Jr., they surely have a shot to defeat the reigning champions. In order to ensure a win they need to expand from their usual one-dimensional look and force Georgia and Stetson Bennett specifically to stretch the ball downfield which is his main “weakness” due to lack of an explosive arm. With that being said, Michigan is favored to win against TCU but it won’t be a cakewalk, as TCU made the tournament for a reason. I personally, have Michigan to win it all against Ohio State in the championship dominating them as they did in the regular season.


  The semi-finals are set to start on December 31st, Michigan and TCU will kick it off at 4 pm, then Ohio State plays Georgia at 8 pm later that night. Junior Jackson Bates says he’s “excited to see the showcase of skill, everyone loves winter football!” When asked about who he thinks will be victorious he said, “ I want Ohio State to win, I think if they get the chance to play Michigan in the championship they will be locked in on revenge from the big loss in the regular season.” It seems that the chip is up in the air with no clear-cut standout. Who do you think will come out victorious?