Christmas Stocking Fillings and the Family Traditions That Follow Them!


Photo By: Openclipart

Classic Christmas Stockings Waiting to be Filled!

Emerson Conigliaro, Writer

  For most people, the joy of waking up on Christmas morning is getting to open the presents sitting under the tree. One thing that some may take for granted, however, are the treats you get in your stocking. The goodies can range from candy, money, small toys, and even lottery tickets. This holiday season, Cat Talk went around asking students and staff at Millbrook what they like to get in their stockings, and their family traditions when opening them. Each student elaborated on how they want to make sure the little bonus gifts they get each year are appreciated.

  Junior Jared Dunn was asked what his favorite goodie to get in his stocking was, and he said, “My favorite thing to get in my stocking is a good pack of Mike and Ikes, you can never go wrong with Mike and Ikes.” Now, while most people open their stockings either on Christmas Eve or first thing the next morning, Dunn tells Cat Talk, “We open our stockings on Christmas day with our presents. Usually we open the stockings last.” Another Millbrook student who enjoys the gifts they get in their stocking is junior Brenna Patchin. She says, “My favorite things to get in my stocking are mascara and jewelry.” She and her family open their stockings after presents as well, but the thing that is unique to them, Patchin explains, is that “we have to wait until the night to open them.”

  Now, we all love seeing what was in the stockings, but the parents also enjoy filling them! Mr. James was asked what his favorite thing to put in his childrens’ stockings is: “My kids love art crafts, so markers, crayons and paint supplies are my favorite! Also small lego sets.” Mr. James is also on the stockings before presents bandwagon, “Stockings first, always!” he says. Finally, when asked what his kids’ like to see in their stockings every year, he says, “Candy!” followed with, “Lollipops are the typical favorite.”

  This holiday season, Cat Talk encourages you to not overlook your Christmas stockings, and to acknowledge the family traditions that they may bring. Even if you don’t realize there are any!