Lohan’s Christmas Movie Debut


Former child star Lindsay Lohan is back into acting. Viewers can watch Falling for Christmas on Netflix to get into the holiday spirit.

De'Zaria Lucas, Multimedia Director

As it gets closer to the holiday season new Netflix movies are released, and on November 10th Netflix presented “Falling for Christmas” starring none other than Lindsay Lohan. This is her first role in a major production in a little over a decade. The movie is about a spoiled hotel heiress who loses her memory due to an accident and finds herself in the care of a ski-lodge owner who happened to be a widower. 

  The opening scene was nice and introduced Lindsay Lohan’s character, Sierra Belmont, by a phone call followed by a service team arriving at her door, which aligns perfectly with the personality she’s supposed to have as a rich spoiled brat. Her father, Beauregard Belmont (Jack Wagner),is offering her a job running his hotel chain alongside him. However, Sierra wants to be an influencer with her boyfriend Tad Fairchild (George Young). The first 10-15 minutes of the movie follows Sierra’s routine and her obnoxious behavior as a nepotistic baby and her equally if not more obnoxious boyfriend.  

 Tad and Sierra’s relationship seemed to be built off of popularity and money, the amount of followers, which is one thing the writers did a good job at portraying. However the writing time was awful and it felt like they were forcing Tad to be funny, instead of letting the scenes happen more naturally. This leads to the next point of how when Sierra got into her accident the fall was obviously fake.

When Sierra got into her accident and developed amnesia, it was quite confusing to follow the storyline because she forgot who she was, indicating that she also did not know that she was rich, but oddly enough her spoiled personality was still there. In the movie her personality did not change at first and there was no maturity growth, usually when a person loses their memories and forgets who they are or where they came from it is a completely new slate and they “act” differently. 

In an interview with Vogue when asked about why a Christmas movie, Lohan explains the following, “I think it’s because I haven’t done one. As you get older in life, and you move away from your family, you get more nostalgic for the holidays.” As a reporter here at Millbrook, De’Zaria thinks that although this is good reasoning, it would have been better if the movie had a better development or better writers. 

  When asked how she felt about Lohan’s role in “Falling for Christmas,” senior Zipporah Wilson says, “Lindsay Lohan’s films were a big part of my childhood and frankly I was disappointed when I decided to watch this movie.” The story was poorly developed and maybe the script was bad, but the timing was definitely not the best ‘comeback’ for Lohan. 

  The conversation continues with Zipporah and she goes on to say, “Even though I did not enjoy the movie I am glad Lindsay Lohan is back, I missed her.” In the end the movie itself was not the best, however I am excited that Lindsay Lohan is back in filmmaking.