Upcoming Book Releases That are Making Readers Impatient for 2023


Photo by: H. DiFruscio

The new year has a lot to offer as far as new books, from fiction to non-fiction and spanning dozens of genres. Readers of all kinds are waiting on the edge of their seats to see if these stories are as good as critics claim.

Haley DiFruscio, Writer

2022 was a great year for readers, but it’s possible that 2023 may be even better. Already loved authors and newbies alike are coming out with books this year, which are keeping readers on their toes for their releases. Below are just some names of the many new titles to look out for in the new year:
“Spare” by Prince Harry (Jan 10, 2023): For avid followers of the royal family and those who enjoy the never-ending drama of “The Crown,” this memoir is a must-read. It’s already sparked controversy with the book getting bombed with 1-star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other rating sites. In only a couple of days, you can decide for yourself what you think it’s worth.
“Cool. Awkward. Black.” by Various Authors (Jan 10, 2023): African-American writers from all genres and walks of life come together in this critically-acclaimed anthology. There is a story for anyone and everyone, each with charming characters and the author’s special touch. Some readers may recognize Tracy Deonn, Kalynn Bayron, and Elise Bryant from their other novels, and from the list of seventeen, you’re sure to find new authors to enjoy.
“Happy Place” by Emily Henry (April 25, 2023): Romance readers are likely already counting down the days until this release. Emily Henry is the prolific writer of the hit novels “People We Meet on Vacation” and “Beach Read,” which have captivated her fanbase and drawn many readers into the romance genre. Sticking to Emily Henry’s niche, “Happy Place” is a vacation romance about a newly broken-up couple pretending to still be in a relationship.
“The Sun and the Star” (May 2, 2023) AND “The Chalice of the Gods” (Sep 26, 2023) by Rick Riordan: If you’re looking to relive your childhood, you’ll be happy to know that the author of the bestselling “Olympians” series is busy this year with the release of two highly anticipated books. “The Chalice of the Gods” will round-out the Percy Jackson series with one final adventure, and “The Sun and the Star” will be a standalone novel starring the well-loved couple, Nico di Angelo and Will Solace.
“Yellowface” by R.F. Kuang (May 16, 2023): This literary fiction novel shines a bright light on the cultural appropriation and silencing of East Asian cultures with both drama and wit. The main character, a white author, gets the opportunity to release a story under an Asian-American pseudonym, which goes on to cause some problems when the book becomes a bestseller.
“One of Us Is Back” by Karen M. McManus (Aug 16, 2023): McManus took the Young Adult genre by storm with her release of “One of Us Is Lying,” which quickly inspired a sequel and a TV adaptation. This book will be the final installment of the trilogy, with beloved characters coming back to solve another mystery and tie together all leftover loose ends.
A popular New Year’s resolution is to read more, or to tap back into that childhood love of reading. With these exciting upcoming titles, anyone can achieve that goal. So keep your eyes out for these releases and get a copy for yourself when they come out!