California Plagued by Torrential Downpour and Severe Flooding


Photo by Wikimedia

Rainfall is expected to continue in California until late next week, with the low pressure system causing the storm not letting up until the weekend. Until then, conditions are forecasted to remain severe.

Haley DiFruscio, Writer

  Severe rainstorms have reached their peak in California, dropping 50-70 percent of the region’s annual rainfall in only a couple of days. 18 deaths have already been reported from flooding and other rain-related hazards, dozens more have been injured, and one 5-year-old boy, Kyle Doan, was reported missing. Authorities are currently searching for him and other survivors as the storms persist and are expected to continue into the weekend. 

  The storms are setting state records with unprecedented flood levels, property damage, and number of required air rescues. With these conditions, officials are calling the situation “one of California’s deadliest disasters.”

  The gulf stream bringing moisture to the Pacific coast and low-pressure system in the area are expected to let up late next week, finally leading to dryer conditions. Until then, California is still under a state of emergency with several interstates, overpasses, and other routes being shut down for public safety. Even after the storms pass, their effects will be seen for months to come, with the state’s emergency agency expecting upwards of $1 billion in damages.