The Care Impact Club’s Influence


Careimpactclub via Instagram

The next meeting is on the 30th and they need lots of hands to help make blankets! Meetings take place in Cope’s room(209).

EvanKate Page, Assistant Social Media Director

The CARE organization works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. Locally, the Care Impact Club works to raise awareness of these issues and works within our community to give resources to those less fortunate. This club improves our school community and allows for productive and meaningful conversations to take place. The Care Impact Club project works for donations and has a positive impact on our community as a whole, impacting people across the region.

   The club’s advisor, Mr. Matthew Cope, provides the club with a space to hold meetings and do their work. He also is there to bounce off ideas and help out when needed. He says, “It’s a great club for Millbrook because it really hits on the theme of being internationally minded and responsive to your community.” Millbrook has an assortment of clubs but the Care Impact Club stands out. This allows students to get service hours and help out the community. Cope wants to be behind the scenes of the club and allow the leaders to shine in their space. 

  Junior and co-president, Cece Case, describes how this club came to Millbrook: “I got it started with my advisor Mr. Cope, and the idea started in my freshman year when he made us develop a project that would have a global impact. I have been planning to make it a reality since then, and this year is its first official year as a club!” Other leaders of the club are juniors Edie Garcia and Luke Crafton

  Each month, the Care Impact Club does a new service project, following a lesson on the topic/issue. For the holidays, the club asked members to bring donations, such as books, clothing, toys, and more. All of these items were donated to those in need for the holiday season. For the next service project, the club will discuss the homeless crisis in America and the importance of donations and will be making blankets for the homeless, 

Co-President CeCe Case says, “Get involved with our club! Our Instagram is @careimpactclub and our reminder is @careim!”