Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives

Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives

Most Likely to Succeed: Aracely Gomez and Anderson Chau

Best Dressed: Gabe Cerda and Elle Wise

Most Friendly: Caroline Garcia and Jeremy Ayuk-Takem

Class Clown: Bamba Janneh and Hayden Mills

Most Involved: Payton Sheffield and Tyler Swisher

Most Outgoing: Madison Solomon and Jeremy Ayuk-Takem

Best Hair: Justine Sanchez and Hayden Mills

Best Smile: Berkeley Sumner and Xavier Pugh

Most Attractive: Ellie Mosler and Josh Taylor 

Most Athletic: Reychel Douglas and David Santiago

Best Musician: Ava Allen and Jack Mulrooney

Best Actor/Actress: Abigail Martin and Jonathon Krauss

Most Artistic: Chad Jacobs and Samuel Baggett

Most School Spirit: Hannah Olson and Aidan Hoey

Best Dancer: Gabrielle Hostler and Samantha Hague

Best Singer: Ava Allen and Maggie Quinn

Most Tech Savvy: Daniel Stein and Hadley Brickman

Most Likely to Travel the World: Maya Mercado and Grace Moffat

Cutest Couple: Kendall Johnson and Daniel Stein

Best Friends Forever: Kyle Amend and Reiley Purcell