The 65th Annual Grammy Awards


Fans favorite artists attended the Grammys this weekend. Surprise performances, shocking wins, and new artists made this year memorable.

Kenley Belcher, Writer

  On Sunday February 5, the 65th annual Grammy awards was held. The room was filled with the globe’s favorite singers, artists and producers. Sophomore Harper Nelson said, “My favorite singer is Rihanna. I wish I could have seen her there.” The award show took place in the Arena in Los Angeles for the 20th time since the opening in 1999. The Grammys are awards presented to artists with outstanding achievements in the music industry. Many view the Grammy Award as the most prestigious award a person can receive. 

  Every year, top artists of the year perform live. This year, Bad Bunny opened the show, and later won the award for Musica Urbana Album. The other performers of the night were Sam Smith and Kim Petras singing “Unholy,” Lizzo, Harry Styles, Luke Combs, Mary J. Blige and more. Sophomore Brianna Barkovich watched the performances and said, “Luke Combs was my favorite of the night.”

  Before the award show starts, all attendees walk the red carpet and show off their outfits. Artists including Kasey Musgraves and Shania Twain switched their outfits throughout the night. Some outfits were not liked by fans. “I like the red carpet, but Lizzo’s outfit was not it,” Nelson said. 

  With multiple awards being given to numerous deserving artists, it is hard to decide who should receive them. This falls on the voting members of the National Academy Of Recording Arts and Sciences. They participate in ballot voting and select the nominees for each award, including the winner. The most controversial win of the night was Song Of The Year. The award went to Bonnie Raitt, with the song “Just Like That.” Across different social media platforms, people are arguing about who they believed should have won. Barkovich was a part of the discussion saying, “I listened to it, and the song writing wasn’t even that good. Taylor Swift should have won The Song Of The Year award.” Nelson and White agreed saying, “I don’t even know who that is.” Along with Song Of The Year, awards were given about the different genres, albums and artists of the past year. “My favorite award is Best Song. That’s the award I would want to receive if I was at the Grammys,” sophomore Ava White said. 

  Beyonce has officially won the most Grammy Awards of anyone else. With four wins this year, including Best Dance/ Electronic Music Album, she now has 32 Grammy Awards. Nelson was happy with this saying, “I love Beyonce! She deserves all of the awards.” 

  The Grammys is a favorite award ceremony for fans, too. They had a section of the Grammys dedicated to a group of fans and their thoughts. Reina, a Harry Styles super fan, even got to announce his win of Album Of The Year. Throughout the ceremony, they had fan discussions built in about who should win the next award and why. Barkovich might not have been in that group, but she commented afterwards about the wins. “Taylor Swift is my favorite artist, and I’m happy she won the Best Music Video Award for All Too Well (10 Minute Version),” she said. 

  This year commemorated 50 years of Hip Hop music. Rapper and musician Questlove, helped get rappers and artists together for the celebration. With many not being able to join, and some dropping out at the last moment, it was a difficult thing to create. These challenges didn’t stop him from creating a remembered celebration. With LL Cool J, Lil Uzi Vert, Queen Latifah and other famous rappers being featured, they all joined together in a 15 minute tribute. “It was a lot of mountains to move to make this happen,” Questlove said in an interview before the show. 

  With tributes to past music, singers and genres, along with new looks and performances of current artists, the Grammys had another success.