Lights! Camera! Action!: Less Popular Valentine’s Day Romantic Movies


Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but what better way to celebrate than to watch two romantic movies. “13 Going on 30” and “Along for the Ride” are two amazing romantic movies that will soothe both the laughing and intense craving love from viewers.

Lauren Jones, Co Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director

  Valentine’s Day is the one holiday where everyone uses romantic movies to picture themselves as the characters to attract those romantic feelings. However, most romance movies are often overplayed on Valentine’s Day and start to become boring to viewers. While it is normally difficult to find a new favorite romantic movie, the Cat Talk has everyone covered with two less popular romantic movies: “13 Going on 30” and “Along for the Ride.” 

  “13 Going on 30” is a cute romantic comedy that will either have you busting out laughing or bursting into tears. Junior High was not always easy for everyone and sometimes people were cast away from the popular kids, and Jenna Rink is the perfect example. After her 13th birthday party was a massive failure, all Jenna wanted to do was be “30, flirty, and thriving.” She repeated her wish multiple times, until magic dust fell on her and, next thing she knew, she woke up being 30 years old. After realizing that she was suddenly living out her dream, she had to figure out what her new life was like, all while finding her old childhood best friend, Matt Flamhaff. However, when she found Matt, she quickly learned that they were no longer friends after her 13th birthday party. Over the course of this movie, Jenna has to find out how to save the company she works for, while also experiencing the true love she never acknowledged as a child. Senior Cassidy DeFrancis explains her admiration of the movie, saying “I love the movie because it makes you feel like you can still be a kid as an adult.”

  “Along for the Ride” is an emotional romantic movie that casts light on the importance of losing a close friend, and finding peace in someone that you love. When Auden West decides to spend the summer in Colby, the small beach town her father lives in, she meets someone that interests her. Eli Stock is a loner that hasn’t hung out with his friends since a deadly car accident, but when Auden arrives in town, she changes those circumstances. One night on the pier, Auden and Eli meet each other, and soon discover that they both were insomniacs. After many arguments, Eli persuades Auden to let him take her on “childish” adventures, so she can make up time from always focusing on schoolwork. After secrets are exposed, their relationship hits a rough patch and they have to work together to solve it, while both are trying to find themselves over the summer. 

  Although Valentine’s Day is a day of loving people that are important to you, these two movies will pull at your heart strings and leave you craving the intense love that both these movies exhibit. Senior Avery Evans exemplifies her love of romantic movies on Valentine’s Day, “Watching romance movies on Valentine’s Day allows me to be able to feel and dream about what Valentine’s Day will be like when I am married.” This Valentine’s Day the Cat Talk wants everyone to embrace their romantic side and check out these amazing movies!