Teacher Tribute: Mrs. Cartier


Dorsey Ramey

Engaging with her students Mrs. Cartier loves helping out. She has and will continue to have a positive impact on Millbrook.

Dorsey Ramey, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Cartier is one of Millbrook’s English I teachers. She has been teaching at Millbrook for 10 years, and she taught one semester at Green Hope High School. Her class has a great energy within it and that helps to keep the students attentive. Sophomore Brianna Barkovich says “She really made learning fun and she had us all do projects that were collaborative and I valued getting to work in a group with my peers.” This really shows how well Mrs. Cartier works with her students, and makes her classroom a fun environment.  “Working with this age group is incredibly rewarding” Mrs. Cartier says. And she describes how amazing it is to watch students develop overtime throughout highschool. 

  Mrs. Cartier majored in English,and decided to become a teacher because of the creativity it allows her to have. It also helped her have a good secure job because of the economy collapsing. She has had a very positive impact on students and this is why many students visit her throughout their academic career at Millbrook. She is not only a positive person alongside her students but, also around her colleagues. Mr. Lawless who does “CATS on time” with her said, “She is very funny and, if it’s possible, she makes CATS on time duty enjoyable. She is also a great person to go to for good book recommendations.” 

  Naturally, teaching is a challenging job due to the students’ behaviors and all the work that has to be done. She mentioned the absences and how it is challenging to work with students after missing classes. That is something she is very good at is communicating with students to help them get caught up and be the best they can! Mrs. Cartier really does not show her hardships in her classroom and always puts her students first.