Russia and Ukraine: War Update a Year In


The US is Ukraine’s main source of supplies. NATO has gotten involved and is keeping a close watch on the two countries.

EvanKate Page, Assistant Social Media Director

 A little over a year ago Russia declared war on Ukraine, and since then it has been a bloody war with no end currently in sight, which will likely continue to be. The feud between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for several years and tensions have been only rising. According to the Russian government, Russia wants to regain control over Russia and become “one people” again.  


  The war is no longer covered by the mainstream media in the US. While the war is covered in Western media, in Russia, state-sponsored media suppresses its coverage for Russian citizens. Lessons of Vietnam teacher, Mr. Grow, shares his thoughts, “In my class, I think it is still important to watch the news and stay in touch. In lessons of Vietnam, we often watch the news on major events like this.” 


The Cat Talk surveyed students and the majority explained that they did not know what was happening between Russia and Ukraine right now. Junior Mariama Deen says, “I think it is important that we learn about things going on in the world. Whether it directly affects us or not, it is still something we should be learning about. Even if the war is dying down, it is still going on and people are being affected.”  


Since the bloody war started, Russia has slowly been getting weaker and losing vital weapons/materials. Ukraine is still being supported by the US, which is sending ammunition from a plant in Scranton, P.A. The plant is sending artillery shells at a rapid rate, and Ukraine is firing them at a rate of 3,000 to 5,000 a day. Within the time frame of the war so far the US has rushed over one million artillery shells. President Zelensky needs additional support since Russia has three times the population of Ukraine, so they are getting Bradley infantry fighting vehicles shipped from the US. Other resources the US is providing to Ukraine are provided here. Russia has asked for aid from our rival countries such as China. 

  The war is still as bloody and intense as when it started. Each day, Ukrainians are dying while Putin is recruiting untrained and unequipped people to fight for Russia, thus causing 4,500 Russians to die. According to the Western Military’s estimations, 200,000 have died or been injured during this bloody war.  

  John Sullivan, the US ambassador at the start of the war, explained to CBS News that Putin is all in and is prepared not to quit. He, later on, said that the only thing that can stop the war is Putin being convinced he’ll be defeated.