What Is An Acceptable Age Gap?


Age gaps can range from 2 to 20 years. Even though it might be frowned upon in society, many continue to believe age is just a number.

Kenley Belcher, Writer

  Through society, age gaps are seen in celebrities, politicians and everyday citizens. From 2 to 20 years, age gaps are seen in all relationships. Age differences are seen expanding between people as they get older. Society rules it more acceptable for small age differences, but many still believe age is just a number. 

  Social media influences the minds of many in today’s age, so when there are people normalizing a 10 year difference between them and their partner, it isn’t as crazy of a concept. Even in the early 1900s, 10 years between spouses was encouraged, since the man was often with a stable job and home. But should this be the societal norm? 

  Famous celebrity relationships including Elvis and Priscilla Presley, George and Amal Clooney, Jay Z and Beyonce, and Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, are all examples of relationships with 10 or more years between the two people. Junior Millie Baeza-Rodriguez says, “10 years is too much. I think five is an acceptable difference, but any more is just weird.” 

  Relationships with large age differences are more common when people are older. If a couple were together and it was a high school senior and a junior in college, that would be found disgusting and forbidden. If this same couple was just a few years older at 24 and 27, it wouldn’t be an item of discussion. Once out of school, age gaps are more common. 

  Junior Julio Benavides-Serrano says, “I think relationships with large age gaps are better if the guy is older. It’s weird if the woman is the older one.” In some cases such as Arron and Sarah Taylor-Johnson, the woman is older, and there is a lot of controversy about it. Stereotypes go along with everything including age gaps. If the man is older, the woman is known as a gold digger. If the woman is older, it is seen as grooming. 

  With different views and perspectives about relationships, no one person can be correct. An Australian psychology study showed that relationships with a 1 to 3 year gap, with the man being older, are the most satisfying relationships. The satisfaction decreases as the age gap gets larger. 

  Large age gaps are strange, and should only be done when both people are out of their teen years. If two people are together and 20 years apart, that’s saying when one was being born, the other was able to legally drink. This should question some people’s judgment. Love is love, but at some point age is not just a number, it’s the difference between a child, and a mature adult.