Millbrook Basketball Players Dominating All District


Colt Langdon sophomore on the team won 1st team All-District. He had a great season.

Carter Ramey, Co-Editor in Chief and Social Media Director

  Millbrook is located in District 5; a very competitive place to be playing basketball. This year Millbrook men’s basketball went to the third round of the playoffs and the women’s team went to the second round, where each team might have lost they never stopped fighting. Both our men’s and women’s teams have great teams from players to coaches. This year when All-District came out, Millbrook was a common factor throughout the list. 

  All-District is what is given to the best players in an area who stand out on the court.   The district’s top players are chosen to make up a 1st team, 2nd team, and 3rd team All-District, each consisting of 15 players. On the varsity men’s basketball team at Millbrook, sophomore Colt Langdon got 1st team All-District. Langdon had another breakthrough season scoring his 1000th career point at Millbrook and he is not done still having 2 years ahead of him. Langdon said, “this is awesome that I got this and I am so thankful for my teammates who I would not be able to reach without them.”  

  Jayan Walker, a junior, received 2nd team All-District. This is his first year at Millbrook and he came in and had a huge impact on the team. Gabe Cerda, a senior, received 3rd team All-District, being a leader on and off the court.his year Cerda was able to have an outstanding senior season. Cerda loves his teammates and said, “My teammates would push me everyday to be the best and I really enjoyed this year.” The men’s basketball program had 3 players All-District which is an amazing accomplishment as a team and as individuals. 

  For Millbrook Women’s basketball team Reychel Douglas, a senior, received 1st team All-District and she received District 5 player of the year. Douglas had a great senior season, she was able to reach  her 1000th career this year. This was the icing on the cake for Douglas’s 4 year varsity career. She had a great impact on the women’s basketball program over her time playing. Douglassays, “This season was a lot of fun and I am honored to receive these rewards.” The Millbrook basketball teams may not have won a state championship, but there are names that will be remembered for their great accomplishments.