Morgan Wallen Mania


Performing on his first tour, Morgan Wallen embraces his gratitude towards his fans for his success in country music. Morgan Wallen has released three studio albums, with each reaching record breaking charts on Billboard and Spotify.

Lauren Jones, Co Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director

  From his 2014 appearance on The Voice to his worldwide sold out tour, Morgan Wallen has won the hearts of fans across the globe. The country music superstar has broken records with his latest album, “One Things At A Time,” released on March 3. Through the years, Wallen has written songs for other country singers, written singles that hit the top of the Billboard charts, and released three albums and an EP.

  In 2016, Wallen signed with Big Loud Records, where he released his debut single, “The Way I Talk.” Over the next two years, he generated a loyal fanbase and released several other singles and  his first album “If I Know Me” in 2018. After his first album release, Wallen had multiple of his singles reach to the top of the charts on Billboard. Ramping up more success and fame, Wallen released a single, “7 Summers,” in 2020 after sharing clips of the song on TikTok, and building more excitement for the song from his fans. Without any surprise, “7 Summers” became the most streamed song on the day of the release on Apple Music. 

  When a leaked video of Wallen using a racial slur while under the influence surfaced on social media, various radio stations, celebrities, and ex-fans tried to cancel him. Some radio stations stopped broadcasting his music, and other celebrities and country singers tried to defame his character on social media. After the incident occurred, Wallen released an apology video stating that he was sorry for his behavior and took responsibility for his actions, was staying sober, and was taking actions towards learning more about the people he offended. 

  The attempted cancellation of Morgan Wallen did not suffice, as many of his fans, worldwide, showed support and stood up for him and his career. While people were still trying to label him as canceled, Wallen released his second album, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” in 2021, with a list of 30 new songs. This album quickly became millions of peoples top played, while debuting at the top of the charts yet again and being the all genre best selling album of 2021. After the release of this album, Wallen began his first tour, The Dangerous Tour, with every venue selling out in record time. 

  Since 2021, Wallen has released nine songs that have all hit the top of the Billboard charts and reached many new fans, either on TikTok or Instagram. All nine of these songs were also featured on Wallen’s latest album, “One Thing At A Time,” the third album of his career. According to Hot Country and Spotify, on its release day, March 3, the album became Spotify’s most-streamed country album in a single day by a male artist. Additionally, the album is the largest streaming debut of any genre in 2023 so far. On March 9, the album also became the most-streamed US country album in a single week in Spotify history.

  After the release of his latest album, Wallen shared that he was doing a last minute release show on March 3 to show his gratitude toward his fans. The release show was held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, and free tickets were given to the first thousands of people in the line. Quickly selling out, Wallen decided that he would also livestream the free album release show on all platforms, to give all his fans the opportunity to watch. 19,292 fans showed up in attendance to celebrate the release of his third groundbreaking album.

  As excitement continues to spiral around this new album, fans are also anticipating his next tour, the One Thing At A Time World Tour, with special guests HARDY, Ernest and Bailey Zimmerman. Morgan Wallen has accomplished many of his goals in life while also breaking and setting new records in country music and all genres. Fans are proud of what he has been able to turn his career into and are excited for whatever his next steps in country music will be.