Hot style trends to hop on for Spring Break


Posing for the camera, a stylish man dons short-shorts, a beret, and flip flops. He is the embodiment of all the daring Spring Break trends that have arrived this season.

Spring break is a time for relaxing, going on adventures, having fun, and wearing the best styles! With the much needed break finally among us here at Millbrook, the Wildcats are ready to update their wardrobe for all the newest fashions. Here at the Cat Talk, we have all the latest updates for the newest and most popular styles for everyone looking for what to wear on their spring break trip.

 To start off spring break, every guy out there needs to find some great booty shorts! Though they are traditionally a part of women’s fashion, men have found the comfort of the shorts and the style to be great. All the celebrities from Zac Efron to Drake are showing off their booty with the tight booty shorts! Booty shorts are comfortable and fashionable at the same time and are a great look for playing FortNite, hitting the beach, and going to the gym. Booty shorts come in all colors and look great in especially rainbow, brown, orange, and lime green.  Be sure to pick up a pair of booty shorts from your local thrift store– super cost friendly and vintage!

 In the sweltering heat, wife beaters have become increasingly popular in order to stay cool. The thin tank tops are known for showing off your toned guns and luscious chest hair. These have been spotted on your local middle aged man, a Mafia leader, or your uncle. You can style these with a pair of low slung, vintage, distressed jeans, adorned with a big buckled belt. “I love wife beaters because they express my personality: perfectly effortless and hot,” style guru Dale Zorak said.  Do not forget to add your incredibly large gold chain to complete your summer-ready style.