Why the Lack of Good News?

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter

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 Within the news recently, it is beginning to seem like nothing good ever happens anymore. Corruption, disaster, violence, and imbalance fill the pages of the news we read daily. Article after article, post after post, we see more negative stories surfacing within the media. This poses the question, why the lack of good news? Positive events happen everyday, perhaps in abundance larger than negative circumstances do, yet, the media still presents pessimistic stories in growing numbers. This view of the world, as many see it, is not only disheartening; it is also misleading. Although our society and community faces many challenges, we have also made positive progress. This is displayed through the following heartwarming stories of things happening within our school and community today.

 In streets littered with trash, the Millbrook Football Team recently lent a hand by cleaning up a busy Raleigh roadway. This is a tradition the boys are involved in every year. When asked about their service, sophomore Ford Spainhour said, “It was fun to help out our community with my teammates and work to keep it safer and cleaner.” The football team greatly values serving the community, and, above all, aims to develop the character of their young players. All things considered, this act of service is one that helps many people. However, they are not the only team at Millbrook that places an emphasis on serving the community.

 The Millbrook Baseball Team visited the Miracle League of the Triangle this past September to play baseball with special needs adults and children. The Miracle League is an organization which makes baseball accessible to everyone. Through the help of volunteers, the majority being from Raleigh high schools, this establishment works to bring a smile to the face of people of all ages who are affected by a disability. Without an organization such as this, kids with special needs may never get the opportunity to be a part of a team. This is what drew Millbrook Baseball to The Miracle League, where many of our school’s players volunteering as buddies exclaimed that it was fun to work with the League players. Oftentimes, teams and organizations that take part in volunteering do not expect to gain something themselves from the experience, but many Millbrook players who took part stated that The Miracle League changed their perspective greatly.

 As we can see through these examples, helping others in ways, such as the previous food drive for Jones County, and simple acts of kindness, Millbrook is a place where positive things happen daily. Instead of focusing on the negative in the media, as outlets typically promote, we need to realize that there are so many good things occurring daily that the media does not address. So, the next time you see a news story that brings you down, remember all the good that surrounds you in Millbrook and beyond.

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