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Janie Inscore

Janie Inscore, Editor-in-Chief

Hey there, Cat Talk fan! My name is Janie Inscore, and I am thrilled to be entering my third year on the newspaper staff. Except this time, I’ll be serving as the Co Editor-in-Chief! I am a senior, and I am involved in Millbrook Varsity Swim and Dive, MEB, EHS, NHS, FCA, Best Buds, Younglife, and one of the greatest honors I have ever received, Service Club. I hope we can make the best of this year together and that you will find some happiness in reading my articles. GO WILDCATS!

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Just like the shirt says, Mrs. Putnam really does love Millbrook, and Millbrook loves her right back. Pictured here with two of her yearbook editors, it is hard to believe that this was one of the last MHS events that the beloved Mrs. Putnam will attend as a teacher before she retires.

Mrs. Putnam is retiring!

Janie Inscore, Co Editor-in-Chief
June 1, 2021
Sexual violence against women is an issue found not only in North America, but all across the globe. One in every four women living in the United States will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and this statistic must come to an end.

Women in today’s society

Janie Inscore, Co Editor-in-Chief
May 21, 2021
Elated by the opportunity to practice with her team, freshman Lily Scarlett has experienced a tough, but rewarding first season as a part of women’s cross country. She credits her teammates for being supportive through these trying times and is overjoyed at the prospect of a semi-normal practice and meet schedule.

Sport of the Month: Women’s Cross Country

Janie Inscore, Co Editor-in-Chief
November 20, 2020
Showcasing the alignment of the mind, body, and spirit, along with all physical, mental, and emotional capacities, this image is the perfect example of all that manifestation does in order to achieve greatness. By aligning your body within itself and maintaining a positive mindset, great triumphs can be achieved.

The power of manifestation

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor
March 22, 2020
Showcasing just one of the many memorials of the Sandy Hook shooting, this image displays the obvious heartbreak felt all throughout Connecticut. This is much like what took place on December 14, which marked the seven-year anniversary of the shooting, a day that was turned into a celebration when the Newtown High School football team won their state championship game.

Tragedy turned into triumph

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor
December 31, 2019
Rushing to complete their assignments, senior Genny Hauser (top left), junior Sydney Hartis (top right), and junior Michaela Teachey (bottom) are visibly stressed. With high school yielding such a large workload and an internal brain struggle to finish required assignments, students often procrastinate as a result of the compounding pressures.

The science behind procrastination

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor
November 4, 2019
Texting is the new way of communicating with your loved ones from wherever they may be. What happens, however, when your significant other or best friend chooses not to respond to you and ghosts you?

To ghost or not to ghost?

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor
September 24, 2019
Walking alongside each other, four members of the royal family are pictured here together while attending a 2017 Christmas parade. Since this day nearly a year and a half ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have broken many news headlines, including the most recent ones regarding the birth of their son.

The royal baby has arrived!

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
May 7, 2019
Awaiting customers, this photo takes a look at one of the places that many high school students visit in hopes of achieving a flawless, golden tan. Sun Tan City is a business that offers spray tanning, as well as the highly disputed option of tanning beds.

Are spray tans really safe?

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
March 25, 2019
Visiting Sanderson high, members and leaders of Best Buds are pictured together in costume while awaiting the start of the annual Halloween dance at Sanderson High School. Inside dances like these, a DJ jams out, the lights shine brightly, and many other buddies are seen dancing the night away.

Campus Clubs: Best Buds

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
March 20, 2019

Black History Month FYI: Joe Louis

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
February 17, 2019
Glowing in the light, this image of Planet Smoothie showcases the four sizes available and the many different smoothie types. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, on the other hand, has only one size, but they do have a similar breakdown of smoothie flavors.

The battle of the smoothies

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
January 13, 2019
Celebrating at a premiere party, couple formed from The Bachelorette, Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman, are captured at an event in 2015. This was the two’s last public appearance together before splitting just days later. However, numerous successful couples have been formed from the Bachelor franchise shows.

Till death do us part?

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2018
Beaming with light, this display is almost unmistakable. Flooding Instagram feeds all throughout Raleigh, people recognize the dragon from the Chinese Lantern Festival. However, not all of the greatest light displays in Raleigh are as well-known.

Christmas light shows you need to see

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
November 30, 2018
Posing for the camera, Millbrook freshman Witt McClendon, sophomore Nate Johnson, and senior Brian Pearce celebrate their new friend Ben’s first home run at the Miracle League Game. Aside from playing baseball, Ben loves to dance and listen to rock and roll music.

Why the Lack of Good News?

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter
October 29, 2018
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