The power of manifestation


Showcasing the alignment of the mind, body, and spirit, along with all physical, mental, and emotional capacities, this image is the perfect example of all that manifestation does in order to achieve greatness. By aligning your body within itself and maintaining a positive mindset, great triumphs can be achieved.

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor

Ever heard of the power of a positive mindset? That is manifestation, a concept that many are familiar with and have even enacted in their lives. It is the theory that you have the power to turn your hopes and dreams into reality. Essentially, manifestation is the act of feeling and believing something is yours and making it true. Some describe this process as speaking thoughts into the universe. However, it is not accomplished just through positive thinking. Experts say that in order for the process to work, you must have full faith, knowing completely that what you are wishing for will be yours. Whether a person is desiring a new job, a healthier lifestyle, or just a good day, manifestation can work wonders simply by speaking positive thoughts into existence.

  While many students do believe in the power of manifestation, others do not as a result of their misconceptions about the idea. Simply put, manifesting does not involve anything miraculous. It is just the way that one aligns themselves with their goals, doing all that is necessary in order to bring these goals to fruition. This is why it is widely known and accepted that positive thoughts are what lead to success. In fact, it is scientifically proven that every thought a human has vibrates at a certain level of energy. These thoughts are pure energy, and they directly affect the atoms within our brain. As such, our thoughts influence and trigger the manifestation process. When we consciously direct our thoughts towards positive things, our mindset changes for the better. 

  Junior Alayna Carlson explained, “I believe in manifestation and the power that this process can have on your success. I partially tore my labrum while competing for the Millbrook swim team at a meet, but even when doctors told me that it may not be healthy to swim again during the high school season, I thought positively and was able to come back stronger than ever, helping my team place second at Regionals.” Alayna’s positive mindset is what she attributes to her ability to swim at top-level meets even after being told she could not. This is what manifestation can do for an athlete and a believer; what can it do for someone trying to manifest for the first time?