The battle of the smoothies


Glowing in the light, this image of Planet Smoothie showcases the four sizes available and the many different smoothie types. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, on the other hand, has only one size, but they do have a similar breakdown of smoothie flavors.

Janie Inscore, Staff Reporter

It is the debate that troubles Millbrook students each and every day as the bell rings for lunch. When craving a sweet, tangy, or healthy option to sip on during class, friends will pile into the car and argue over which of the two smoothie spots to go: Tropical Smoothie Cafe or Planet Smoothie. With the distance between the two being a mere .3 miles, and approximately 1.5 miles from Millbrook, time spent driving is not as much of an issue as it sometimes is with other fast food restaurants. If you are hoping to gather more information, and to perhaps decide for yourself which smoothie spot is superior, keep reading.

 Planet Smoothie’s menu boasts a large selection with thirty one classic smoothies, and an ever-changing featured smoothie menu. They also offer numerous add-ins, which includes things like chia seeds, almond milk, and a variety of protein blasts so that your smoothie can be customized exactly to your liking. Aside from this, any fruit you choose can be added to your smoothie, and employees guarantee to remake anything that you do not enjoy so that you are fully satisfied. Another benefit of going to Planet Smoothie is the four sizes they offer, which is an attribute that Tropical Smoothie lacks. Planet Smoothie is top-notch in their online advertising as well, with a strong Instagram presence used to promote their menu. Giveaways and promotions take place often to encourage business, which is an area that Tropical Smoothie could improve.

 Although there are some things that Tropical Smoothie lacks in comparison to Planet Smoothie, overall, it is clear that they have more options. When asked about her preference, sophomore Lauren McShea exclaimed, “I love Tropical Smoothie, and although I can’t really tell much of a difference between the smoothies from Planet Smoothie, the food options at Tropical are much better. You just can’t beat Tropical Smoothie!” Lauren is correct in stating that Tropical Smoothie’s menu, unlike Planet Smoothie’s, includes a large spread of bowls, wraps, flatbreads, sandwiches, and their newest addition, quesadillas. This gives customers more filling and well-rounded options, in which you are nearly guaranteed to find something to please your taste buds. Tropical Smoothie carries thirty one regular smoothies, the same amount as Planet Smoothie, and a number of changing seasonal options. They also carry supplements and add-ins which can be implemented into any smoothie you choose.

 Despite what people may think, Tropical Smoothie’s prices actually beat those of Planet Smoothie. However, with Planet Smoothie’s 16 ounce, 22 ounce, 32 ounce, and 42 ounce options compared to Tropical’s solo 24 ounce option, customers often attribute Planet Smoothie’s prices with getting more ‘bang for their buck’, when that is not the case. In addition to other factors, the health value of both places should be considered. As is expected, both smoothie shops have a high sugar count in all of their smoothies; however, each place offers healthy options as well. Planet Smoothie even carries meal replacement shakes, Tropical Smoothie offers detox shakes, and both have superfood shakes, among others. So, considering all factors, prices, and offers, which fast food smoothie destination will you be going to the next time the bell rings for lunch?