Pope Francis endorses same-sex union for the first time in Catholic Church history



Waving to his growing number of supporters, Pope Francis is clearly beloved by many. He is the head of the Catholic Church, and he recently used this platform to voice his support for same-sex marriages, a shift from age-old views held by the church.

Janie Inscore, Co Editor-in-Chief

  Pope Francis’ latest announcement calling for the legal recognition of same-sex relationships is one that came as a shock to many! In the past, the Catholic Church has been known for condemning gays and lesbians as having committed so-called “deviant behavior.” The church has long since recognized these relationships as a sin, which is why the current head of the Catholic Church sharing his respect for this love is a bit of a surprise. In fact, in 2003, a statement released by the Vatican (the residence of the Pope) shared their concerns, stating that legal recognition of same-sex marriages would obscure the basic values of humanity. Fortunately enough, Pope Francis has evolved with the ever-changing times. He has now actually demonstrated the acceptance that many religions claim to practice by voicing his approval for relationships between two people of the same gender. His remarks of support came this past Wednesday, when a documentary of him speaking was released. 

  Since the release of this film, even more news has come out. As more information has been released, people have critiqued the Pope for varying reasons. Believe it or not, Francis’ past views did not at all align with his current views. In 2010, while still serving as the Pope of Argentina, Pope Francis stated that he believed gay marriage was a destructive proposal to God‘s plan. Just three years later, he changed his opinion to be one of indifference – claiming that he was not one to judge others for their romantic relationships if they were still pursuing God. Due to the Pope’s constantly changing position, many Catholics have left the church for fear of the newly founded acceptance being untrue. This is also a contributing factor as to why Pope Francis has received so much backlash. Since Catholicism has been a religion that has previously not welcomed gays and lesbians, there are still many old-fashioned believers who are upset by the Pope’s declaration. 

  Regardless of how others feel about it, Pope Francis’ words have impacted much of the world. This is the first time in history that a head of the Catholic church has openly endorsed same-sex unions. Better yet, it is the first time that a Catholic religious leader has pleaded for a civil union law, which would allow the legalization of same-sex marriages in areas where this has not yet been approved. Although the Pope’s words have been met with distaste by some, others are calling it a huge step forward for LGBTQ+ communities. Historic teachings from the Catholic Church maintain that homosexuals should be treated with dignity and respect, but that their acts are disapproved of. The Pope’s verbal affirmation for gays and lesbians is important, and should be celebrated by all, despite one’s faith.