Sport of the Month: Men’s Football


J. Troch

Bursting through the banner with Millbrook Wildcat pride, the football team takes to the field emphatically, showcasing their excitement for the game. Number 6, Andrei George, is unfortunately unable to play as a result of his season-ending injury, yet he still cheers for his brothers every Friday night.

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor

  Throughout the years, the Millbrook football team has won, lost, bonded, struggled, played hard, battled injuries, worked together, and fought for victory over and over again. They have come back from near losses and losing streaks before, but nothing compares to the perseverance and determination they have shown this season. What struggles has the team overcome? How have they fared in their games so far? What is the atmosphere like on the team? 

  The Millbrook men kicked off their season with an upsetting one and three record. Following a tough 2018-2019 year, the team was motivated to win, leaving each player feeling as though they had something to prove. In the games played thus far, the boys have done just that, proving themselves to be formidable competitors in an extremely competitive cap seven conference. Now, the football team holds an impressive record, currently standing at a nearly even win and loss tally. They did not get here just by talent and hard work, however. In order to build a winning team, an attitude of respect and support for one another must be fostered first. 

  Junior Will Edmondson, a Varsity athlete and returning player, expressed that “this team has been closer than any team I’ve been a part of in the past. We rallied around a common goal this year, and that has really brought us together. The community that we’ve created has also meant a lot to me personally, as I feel like I have a band of brothers I can count on not only on the field but in life as well.” Will’s feelings about the community he and his brothers have built are echoed by teammate Andrei George. Dre is a senior who recently suffered a season-ending injury, as many of his closest friends have as well. Ford Spainhour, Tristen Pullen, Gabe Troch, Jackson Salter, Tharon Adkins, Sean Slater, Marcel Traynham, and Ethan Lentz have also dealt with injuries that have taken playing time away from them. 

  When asked about the moment he realized that his high school football career could be over, Andrei explained, “When I actually got hurt, I wasn’t even in pain. I was more upset that I may not be able to finish the season with my brothers and that it was my senior year. Game days are the worst because I want to be able to play with my bros, but I have faith that they will get the job done. My teammates help me a lot by keeping my spirits up.” Although dealing with Dre’s absence as well as other members of the team has been difficult, the men have rallied in more ways than one. Near the beginning of the school year and football season, the Millbrook football players suffered a heartbreaking loss to Wakefield. While it was painful, this experience taught the team how to come back from deficits and win close games in the future, evidenced by their wins against Heritage, Enloe, and Garner. This brotherhood and the perseverance shown by the Millbrook football team is what brings victories, and also the Maniacs, back. So what do you say, readers? Will you be at the game Friday?