Where are they now?

Millbrook alumni edition


S. Anderson

Autographs and jerseys sit on display near the cafeteria. These were provided by some of the multiple Millbrook who play professional sports today. Millbrook has produced multiple well-known alumni who followed their dreams and made it big!

Summer Anderson, Features Editor

 Millbrook High School was founded in 1923, which makes the school almost ninety-five years old. Although the school does not look the same as it did nine decades ago, one thing remains the same which is its successful alumni. Millbrook has produced multiple well-known alumni who followed their dreams and made it big!

 A common dream of many people is to become a social media influencer, perhaps even be successful in Hollywood. Rickey Thompson, who graduated in 2014, is a superb example of this as he worked hard to make his dreams come true. He is famous today for his acting, YouTube channel, and Instagram with two million followers. Rickey got his start on the social media platform Vine his junior year of high school and has been on the rise to fame since. Currently, he acts in the YouTube Red show Foursome, regularly posts on his YouTube channel with over 900,000 subscribers, and attends many high profile events in Los Angeles. During his time at Millbrook, he spent time in the theatre department, performing in two shows. Rickey Thompson is an inspiration to many students, proving that they can reach their dreams if they are determined and work hard. Junior Audrey Ditmore said, “Successful Millbrook alumni like Rickey Thompson inspire me to follow my dreams. If they can be successful doing what they love, then I can too.”

 Pursuing a career in dance is very difficult because of the limited number of job opportunities. Martha Nichols was in the class of 2005 and now has a very successful dance career. She is an established dancer for being in multiple movies including La La Land, Ted 2, The Greatest Showman, and many more. She also made it to the top 10 in the dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance. During her time at Millbrook, she was active in the dance department and was recognized as an outstanding senior. Her latest project is working toward creating her own dance studio, and it is because of this determination that she keeps Millbrook proud.

 Millbrook is well known for its strong athletic department, which gives the proper training and coaching to allow students to be successful in pursuing their athletic dreams. Class of 1989 graduate Craig Keith is well known today by  many aspiring athletes. Craig is known for playing in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He got his start playing football at Millbrook and played as a tight end. Craig Keith is now retired but remains to be a strong role model when it comes to raising his family and doing what he loves. Another Wildcat now thriving in the sports industry is Bucky Brooks, who graduated in 1989. He played for five years in the NFL for multiple teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers. Now he is an sports analyst for the NFL and a writer for Sports Illustrated. Bucky and Craig prove that Millbrook’s athletics department is a strong program that produces successful athletes.

 There are many more alumni including people who work in government, medicine, or even CEOs of successful companies. Whether you are intending to pursue a career in the arts, sports, government, or something else, remember that other Millbrook alumni pursued their dreams and reached their goals, so you can too. The question is will you be the next name that goes down in history as a successful Millbrook alumni?