That’s What She Said- Sea World: Much more than an amusement park

Leaping out of the water at SeaWorld, these two majestic orcas perform various tricks for the audience. Do the SeaWorld parks do more harm or good?

Leaping out of the water at SeaWorld, these two majestic orcas perform various tricks for the audience. Do the SeaWorld parks do more harm or good?

Summer Anderson, Features Editor

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  For the past decade, animal activists and zoologists have been protesting the global amusement park SeaWorld because of their “inhumane” care for the animals. Every year millions of people visit these parks and are disgusted by the facility. With this negative opinion, most people overlook the beneficial things SeaWorld does, which is much more than put on orca shows.

 SeaWorld self-funds the largest animal rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. Annually, they rescue over twenty-seven thousand animals, including turtles, dolphins, birds, and many more. This program also helps save endangered species like the Death Valley Pupfish. Without this program, many species of marine life would become extinct. PETA hates the parks tremendously, but what would they do without the rescue and rehabilitation program that SeaWorld offers?

 SeaWorld also allows for a fun, family-friendly day that can create lifetime memories. SeaWorld is a common family vacation destination which gives the opportunity for families and friends to bond while riding rides, visiting the numerous exhibits, and learning about diverse marine life. This educational trip also allows people to see multiple different animals close up, which you would not be able to see anywhere else. Seeing this marine life up close provides a more emotional experience, rather than being restricted to seeing these animals on TV. Imagine going your whole life without seeing a dolphin up-close; SeaWorld allows for this opportunity.

 While experiencing the park for yourself, you may miss out on their mission statement declaring to care for the environment and animals beyond the park gates. SeaWorld staff consists of the highest qualified researchers and animal trainers in the world. It is one of the oldest companies to take care of marine animals, which allows for their teams have adequate knowledge to know how to take care of several animal species, and understand how to operate and heal sick marine life. SeaWorld’s research team has also allowed for thousands of research studies to be published which has led to new information to be learned about these species. These studies have consisted of diverse topics from whale shark blood to the parenting habits of beluga whales. Their animal trainers also ensure the proper training and care of the animals, which may be overlooked by some. Without SeaWorld, these animal’s habits would still be unknown to the world. These studies may even help save many endangered species, and prevent future endangerment of marine life.

 Many people believe that SeaWorld harms its marine life and that animals should not be held in captivity. This is not true because the organization protects these animals and saves many lives. SeaWorld guarantees the best treatment of animals possible, which is amazing compared to other zoological parks. The SeaWorld staff also consists of loving workers who care for their animals and establish meaningful relationships. The parks ensure that the safety of the animals within their facilities is much better than the ocean. The animals are provided medical care, a safe environment, and freshly caught food that make their lives easier. Junior Sapna Chhabra commented, “I loved going to SeaWorld when I was younger. Although there is some controversy with the parks, I believe the animal trainers care for the marine life which is very important!”

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