Millbrook’s Theatre Department presents The Bad Seed


C. Wood

Rehearsing for the fall play, freshman Lily Kindsvatter and senior Meghan Sielaty practice for The Bad Seed. The fall play will be performed this Thursday through Saturday at 7 PM in the Millbrook auditorium.

Summer Anderson, Entertainment Editor

 The month of November brings many exciting things to Millbrook including the fall play. This year’s play is The Bad Seed written by Maxwell Anderson. The show will be performed later this week on November 21-23. The show will start at 7 PM and will cost five dollars for students. The Theatre Department has been working to bring this elaborate show to life since the beginning of September. The 1954 play is set in a small town where Colonel and Christine Penmark live. Their young daughter, Rhoda, is sweet, charming, polite, and is loved by all who meet her. However, Rhoda’s mother gains suspicion that her daughter is not as perfect as she seems after the sudden death of one of her classmates who had recently gained an award that Rhoda deeply desires. Come out to see if Rhoda is really a “bad seed,” or if Christine imagined her daughter’s dark secrets. 

  The cast and crew of this production have been working hard all year to make this show possible. Considering the dark themes of the play, the cast has been challenged to showcase a story that is not a typical Millbrook production.  Meghan Sielaty, who plays Christine Penmark, said, “The audience should expect some uncomfortable topics, lots of emotions, and a show that will leave them thinking, ‘What would I do in this situation?’”

  The Theatre Department has been working hard in rehearsals to cover the sensitive topics showcased in the show through characterization and staging. Additionally, the technical department has been working on the elaborate sets for the show, using background music, and lighting to capture the mood of the play. The biggest challenge for the cast this year is learning how to perform this dark drama because in the past few years most of Millbrook’s productions have been more light-hearted and comedic. Senior Luke Young, who plays Richard Bravo, said, “One challenge was probably just adapting to the plot. It is a tough story, and it is a plot that is hard to act.”

  Make sure you do not miss this year’s fall play on Thursday through Saturday at 7 PM in the auditorium. Come out to support the Theatre Department and be prepared to watch a dramatic performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Freshman Lily Kindsvatter, who plays Rhoda, said, “I think people should come to see the show because everyone has been working really hard on it, and it’s going to be really good!”