Christmas Cold Front Sweeps the Nation


Photo by Wikimedia

The cold weather is sweeping through the country.

Carter Ramey, Co- Editor in Chief and Social Media Director

The coldest air of the season by far will dive down from Canada, bringing dangerously cold temperatures to millions this week. Temperatures will drop very low in some places around the country. This week, more than 80 percent of the Lower 48 will experience temperatures below freezing. Places as far south as Houston and Austin, Texas, Atlanta and even Orlando are currently included on that list. And some in the Midwest could also experience their coldest Christmas Day in nearly 40 years.  

   In Raleigh, the high for Christmas Day will be 29 degrees fahrenheit, while the low will be 12 degrees fahrenheit. This will be the coldest it has been in years. It might not be a white Christmas in North Carolina, but it will be a cold one. Make sure to bundle up and have a Merry Christmas!!